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Correct spelling: canoe


Definition of canoe:

  1. A light boat originally formed of the trunk of a tree excavated, and of bark or skins.

Common misspellings for canoe:

canue, canoer, caoe, canoo, cano, canoing, caneoing, cannoe, canuoe, conoe, canu, canow, conie, canoue.

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Examples of usage for canoe:

  1. I had done fishing- or rather, frogging- and had pushed the canoe into some tall grass out of sight, and was sitting there just doing nothing. "Ways of Wood Folk" , William J. Long.
  2. January 19, 1781. Dear Sir, Your father may keep the canoe you mention. "A Sketch of the Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion" , William Dobein James.
  3. Now he rose and whispered: " Before I go I would know what their canoe is like. "The Princess Pocahontas" , Virginia Watson.

Quotes for canoe:

  1. I was a hunter and fisherman, and many a time I have slipped out into the woods and prairies at 4 a. m. and brought home plenty of game, or have gone in a canoe to the cove and brought back a good supply of fresh fish. - Jay Cooke
  2. With two people and luggage on board she draws four inches of water. Two canoe paddles will move her along at a speed reasonable enough in moderate currents. - C. S. Forester
  3. It gave me a moment of exquisite satisfaction to find myself moving away from civilisation in this rude canvas canoe of a model that has served primitive races since men first went to sea. - John Millington Synge

Rhymes for canoe:

  1. abou, accrue, adieu, ado, ague, anew, askew, babu, baku, bamboo, c2, cat-2, cebu, construe, debut, ensue, eschew, fitzhugh, fondue, imbue, into, kazoo, kwangju, larue, leroux, liou, m2, mchugh, miscue, outdo, outgrew, perdue, peru, purdue, pursue, ragu, redo, renew, reto, review, revue, shampoo, subdue, taboo, tattoo, tatu, undo, undue, unglue, untrue, urdu, wahoo, withdrew, zanu.
  2. beu, bleu, blew, blue, boo, brew, chew, chiu, chou, chu, clue, coo, cou, coup, coups, crew, crewe, cue, dew, do, doo, douwe, drew, dru, du, due, ewe, few, flew, flu, flue, foo, fu, glew, glue, gnu, goo, grew, gu, gue, hew, hewe, hoo, hou, hsu, hu, hue, hugh, jew, joo, ju, jue, kew, knew, koo, ku, kyu, leu, lew, lieu, liu, loo, lou, lu, lue, mew, moo, mu, new, nu, ooh, ou, pew, phew, phu, poo, pooh, pou, pru, prue, pu, pugh, q, qu, que, queue, rew, ru, rue, screw, shew, shoe, shoo, shrew, shu, siew, sioux, skew, slew, soo, spew, stew, strew, stu, su, sue, tew, thew, threw, through, thru, thuy, too, trew, true, tu, tue, two, u, uwe, view, vu, vue, whew, who, woo, wu, xu, xue, yew, yoo, you, yu, yue, zhou, zhu, zoo, zue.
  3. byu, depardieu, hitherto, iou, isu, kangaroo, katmandu, misconstrue, overdo, overdue, overthrew, suu, timbuktu.
  4. dfw.
  5. hullabaloo, kalamazoo.

Idioms for canoe:

  1. paddle your own canoe
  2. paddle one's own canoe
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