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Spell Check of Chars

Correct spelling: Chars


Common misspellings for Chars:

charis, chears, chers, chiars, charas.

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This graph shows how "Chars" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for Chars:

  1. First of all it chars, then there is a little sparkling, but not much, finally the soil turns red and does not change any further no matter how much it is heated. "Lessons on Soil" , E. J. Russell.
  2. The old Woman that chars sometimes in the House, having drank a little Liquor in which I had put some is very bad: and I am conscious of the Affair being discovered, without you can put me into some better, or more proper Method of using them. "Trial-of-Mary-Blandy" , Roughead, William.

Rhymes for Chars:

  1. ares, bars, barz, cars, gars, jars, lars, marrs, mars, marz, nars, ours, pars, sars, scars, stars, vars.
  2. bazaars, cigars, guitars.
  3. npr's, superstars.
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