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Correct spelling: conjugate


Definition of conjugate:

  1. 1. Joined, paired. 2. The antero posterior, or sacropubic, diameter of the pelvic inlet; c. diameter.
  2. A word agreeing in derivation with another word.
  3. United in Pairs.
  4. To give the inflections of a verb in expressing mood, tense, & c.

Common misspellings for conjugate:

congigate, conjuagate, congegate.

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Examples of usage for conjugate:

  1. Conjugate to live, Andy." "Then Marched the Brave" , Harriet T. Comstock.
  2. The boys found home very pleasant with Sy always there ready to " lend a hand," whether it was to make fancy ties, help conjugate " a confounded verb," pull candy, or sing sweetly in the twilight when all thought of little May and grew quiet. "Kitty's Class Day And Other Stories" , Louisa M. Alcott.
  3. " I am sorry that I was rude to Mademoiselle" was the verb which poor Pixie was to- day condemned to conjugate, and the big straggling sentences amplified the statement until it seemed impossible to express it in any other way. "Pixie O'Shaughnessy" , Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey.
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