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How To Spell Knew?

Correct spelling: Knew

Definition of Knew:

  1. of Know.

List of misspellings for Knew:

  • knowo,
  • knowyou,
  • onew,
  • newwe,
  • knrew,
  • kno9w,
  • kne,
  • snewy,
  • knies,
  • newph,
  • knoww,
  • knewhe,
  • knes,
  • wiew,
  • quew,
  • nkew,
  • knea,
  • kned,
  • knowck,
  • kinee,
  • knac,
  • nehew,
  • kneehigh,
  • kniw,
  • monewy,
  • knnw,
  • knowf,
  • knewn,
  • knpow,
  • kneews,
  • fornew,
  • knowm,
  • knlw,
  • knowt,
  • kenw,
  • dney,
  • kneees,
  • voew,
  • kno0w,
  • knopw,
  • know,
  • mneu,
  • donew,
  • knewi,
  • knowfor,
  • knwo,
  • kneww,
  • knwno,
  • nknew,
  • kkow,
  • kinew,
  • knnow,
  • knolw,
  • nkow,
  • knewe,
  • knowq,
  • kew,
  • knaw,
  • knao,
  • venew,
  • nerow,
  • mynew,
  • iknew,
  • new4117,
  • knel,
  • knonw,
  • kniown,
  • knw,
  • kneee,
  • knbow,
  • knkow,
  • krew,
  • wnear,
  • konw,
  • mney,
  • knkew,
  • knowyour,
  • vuew,
  • knokw,
  • pneumo,
  • knoee,
  • knewme,
  • kn0ow,
  • uknew,
  • klnew,
  • kniow,
  • knig,
  • koow,
  • knwe,
  • wwner,
  • knwow,
  • knoow,
  • knoown,
  • kneen,
  • kenow,
  • finew,
  • nefew,
  • kanow,
  • kn0w,
  • knnew.

What does the abbreviation Knew mean?

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Baseball Before We Knew It



Baseball Before We Knew It: A Search for the Roots of the Game is a 2005 book by David Block about the history of baseball. Block looks into the early history of baseball, the debates about baseballs beginnings, and presents new evidence.

George Knew junior



George Alan Knew is a former English cricketer. Knew was a right-handed batsman. He was born at Leicester, Leicestershire. Knew made his first-class cricket debut for Leicestershire against Oxford University in 1972.

Lloyd George Knew My Father


Book by William Douglas-Home

Lloyd George Knew My Father is a 1972 play by the British playwright William Douglas-Home. The black comedy features an elderly and eccentric aristocratic couple who learn that a bypass is to be built through their property.

She Never Knew


1915 film

She Never Knew is a 1915 American silent short drama film directed by Tom Ricketts. Starring William Garwood in the lead role with Charlotte Burton.

The Girl Who Knew Too Much


1969 film

The Girl Who Knew Too Much is a 1969 neo noir film starring Adam West as Johnny Cain, a nightclub owner and former freelance adventurer who is forced out of retirement when a crime syndicate boss is murdered in his nightclub and investigations lead into unexpected areas.

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Quotes for Knew:

  1. The U. S. government knew that China wanted to acquire sensitive U. S. technology, and instead of implementing a policy to prevent them from acquiring the information, the government all but gave them an invitation to take our equipment and designs.
  2. The older I grow the more I see the influence of my family on my life. I didn't always see it. It was up to our parents to see that we had our education in a town that hadn't yet realized what racial prejudice was but actually knew and practiced it on occasion.
  3. All I knew was that I was writing something out of my very guts, and that I was content.
  4. Warhol's images made sense to me, although I knew nothing at the time of his background in commercial art. To be honest, I didn't think about him a hell of a lot.
  5. I knew I was coming home, I thought they would consider acquittal, I was disappointed that they didn't.

Rhymes for Knew:

  1. through, two, goo, xu, zoo, ou, view, gnu, pooh, shoe, thru, shoo, too, pru, clue, do, who, stu, due, fu, lew, ru, zhu, vue, yoo, tew, mew, du, zue, lieu, flew, blue, u, whew, chew, joo, true, ku, screw, new, hue, grew, qu, slew, dew, hoo, zhou, bleu, que, crew, glew, pou, lou, sue, yew, doo, chiu, lue, skew, foo, stew, cou, beu, moo, xue, glue, drew, rew, chu, boo, phu, kyu, leu, strew, blew, uwe, hou, wu, sioux, jue, q, gue, coo, soo, flue, spew, poo, dru, su, ewe, pu, ju, pugh, yu, tu, shu, few, crewe, brew, cue, loo, hugh, douwe, shew, chou, gu, threw, pew, vu, liu, siew, yue, queue, trew, woo, coup, phew, ooh, you, thew, flu, koo, hu, tue, mu, hew, coups, thuy, prue, nu, hewe, kew, hsu, lu, shrew, rue, jew;
  2. askew, abou, kazoo, debut, ague, ensue, withdrew, review, renew, mchugh, tatu, larue, reto, peru, eschew, untrue, cebu, ado, zanu, undue, redo, miscue, baku, ragu, urdu, fitzhugh, anew, leroux, shampoo, fondue, kwangju, purdue, accrue, c2, outgrew, m2, construe, bamboo, pursue, taboo, wahoo, liou, undo, cat-2, canoe, perdue, babu, adieu, unglue, tattoo, imbue, into, subdue, revue, outdo;
  3. overthrew, hitherto, isu, timbuktu, depardieu, overdo, overdue, kangaroo, katmandu, suu, byu, iou, misconstrue;
  4. kalamazoo, hullabaloo;
  5. dfw;

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पता था.

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