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What are the usage examples for lessee?

  1. The people of Vegas had nothing to say when you deprived Virginia and her mother of their livelihood- it was your privilege as lessee of the mine to board your own men if you chose- but when you had the effrontery to send Virginia to this Board with 'instructions' to jeopardize her own interests, we felt called on to interfere." – Shadow Mountain by Dane Coolidge
  2. The buildings were apparently let out in floors and each lessee endeavored to outdo his neighbor in proclaiming his business to the passing public. – Ashton-Kirk, Investigator by John T. McIntyre
  3. That a man like Maitland should be the lessee of a waterside tavern, like the Hit or Miss, was only one of the anomalies of this odd age of ours. – The Mark Of Cain by Andrew Lang

What are the rhymes for lessee?

  1. quay, honoree, knee, crea, tree, kyi, gutsy, yee, zee, cod, z, disagree, je, pattee, guarantee, mi, musee, atp, appointee, ab, si, enrollee, repartee, bree, b, andree, conferee, plea, slee, lsd, internee, bee, enlistee, fop, te, d, re, sep, franchisee, nghi, curie, deportee, be, escapee, ravi, lxi, rupee, zea, brie, mc, fsi, c, dupree, guaranty, pawnee, yangtze, banshee, tee, ee, devotee, snee, yie, referee, sea, chablis, indri, potpourri, ib, debris, yi, fi, we, whoopee, cxc, the, eap, capri, draftee, trainee, waikiki, bbc, resignee, tennessee, lp, pri, rea, tv, jessee, ti, ip, mcghee, qi, xie, spie, licensee, ze, flee, dea, sze, v, mcgee, valoree, tenn, thee, ye, jee, he, mpg, tea, yippee, shri, ji, nee, hee, thi, goatee, rosalee, pea, sie, magee, inductee, mit, undersea, nestle, syp, bea, tyree, smee, markee, ghee, cac, g, leigh, kee, thierry, rosemarie, m3, me, designee, sri, vi, ki, blea, marie, odp, jubilee, nic, gyi, mt, degree, ski, id, bourgeoisie, ve, oversea, retiree, mme, khe, nabil, cc, c3, esprit, vendee, jie, sci, cat-3, bt, mea, trustee, cree, wee, decree, emcee, li, cd, tse, glee, kea, ddt, xi, ot, marquis, rb, p, lee, parolee, cyb, dee, she, bui, dundee, prix, marquee, pree, se, oad, lavie, sheree, sightsee, gee, ofc, foresee, mee, shi, detainee, nominee, quai, ne, apc, lea, spree, qui, henri, klee, ged, njt, flea, loree, brea, ree, fee, de, jaycee, three, ranee, vee, louie, guarani, chee, dsv, bibi, free, cie, t, nie, key, chea, see;
  2. albee, abee, alee, adee, agree, achee, ac;
  3. adoptee, adoree, amputee, abt, addressee, amc, absentee;
  4. hnat, interviewee, lapd, knbc, geac, irit;
  5. awb;

What are the translations for lessee?

Dutch word for Lessee


French words for Lessee

locataire, loueur, preneur à bail, preneuse à bail.

German words for Lessee

Mieter, Mieterin, Pächter, Leasingnehmer, Pächterin, Leasingnehmerin.

Japanese word for Lessee


Javanese word for Lessee


Korean word for Lessee


Malay word for Lessee


Norwegian word for Lessee


Polish word for Lessee


Portuguese words for Lessee

locatário, arrendatário.

Romanian word for Lessee


Spanish words for Lessee

arrendatario, inquilino, arrendataria.

Swedish word for Lessee


Tamil word for Lessee