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Correct spelling for AKNOW

We think the word aknow is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a definition below each word.

Possible correct spellings for aknow

  • Acne
  • An inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin; characterized by papules or pustules or comedones.

  • Aglow
  • Softly bright or radiant; "a house aglow with lights"; "glowing embers"; "lambent tongues of flame"; "the lucent moon"; "a sky luminous with stars".

  • Agni
  • God of fire; one of the 3 chief deities of the vedas.

  • Ago
  • Gone by; or in the past; "two years ago"; "`agone' is an archaic word for `ago'".

  • Agony
  • A state of acute pain.

  • Aiken
  • United states writer (1889-1973).

  • Ak
  • A state in northwestern north america; the 49th state admitted to the union; "alaska is the largest state in the united states".

  • Akin
  • Similar or related in quality or character; "a feeling akin to terror"; "kindred souls"; "the amateur is closely related to the collector".

  • Akron
  • A city in northeastern ohio; the heart of the united states rubber industry.

  • An
  • An associate degree in nursing.

  • Ana
  • (irish) mother of the ancient irish gods; sometimes identified with danu.

  • Anew
  • Again but in a new or different way; "start afresh"; "wanted to write the story anew"; "starting life anew in a fresh place".

  • Annoy
  • Censure severely or angrily; "the mother scolded the child for entering a stranger's car"; "the deputy ragged the prime minister"; "the customer dressed down the waiter for bringing cold soup"; "check" is archaic.

  • Any
  • To any degree or extent; "it isn't any better".

  • Argon
  • A colorless and odorless inert gas; one of the six inert gases; comprises approximately 1% of the earth's atmosphere.

  • Arno
  • A river in central italy rising in the apennines and flowing through florence and pisa to the ligurian sea.

  • Avon
  • A river in southwestern england rising in gloucestershire and flowing through bristol to empty into the estuary of the severn.

  • Awn
  • Slender bristlelike appendage found on the bracts of grasses.

  • Axon
  • Long nerve fiber that conducts away from the cell body of the neuron.

  • Canoe
  • Travel by canoe; "canoe along the canal".

  • Icon
  • (computer science) a graphic symbol (usually a simple picture) that denotes a program or a command or a data file or a concept in a graphical user interface.

  • Keno
  • A game in which numbered balls are drawn and random and players cover the corresponding numbers on their cards.

  • Know
  • Accept (smeone) to be what is claimed or accept his power and authority; "the crown prince was acknowledged as the true heir to the throne"; "we do not recognize your gods".

  • Oaken
  • Consisting of or made of wood of the oak tree; "a solid oak table"; "the old oaken bucket".

  • Ono
  • United states musician (born in japan) who married john lennon and collaborated with him on recordings (born in 1933).

  • Ann
  • Alt. of annat.

  • Kan
  • To know; to ken..

  • Anon
  • Straightway; at once..