Correct spelling for COLECT

We think the word colect is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for colect

  • Colic(Definition of colic)
  • Alone, encumbered with the pack of ireland, pinched with hunger and dearth of victuals, and cramped with the colic of whiggery, she set her strong shoulder to the wheel of fortune, and so kept it till the hill was behind her.

  • Cloaca(Definition of cloaca)
  • Cloaca common cavity into which the intestinal, urinary, and generative canals open in birds, reptiles, amphibians and many fishes.

  • Cult(Definition of cult)
  • But while they all agreed that there never was a sweeter fellow, they would have been puzzled to say in just what this difference consisted, and much as they liked him, the ladies of her cult were not quite satisfied with him till they decided that it was marked by an anxiety, a timidity, which was perfectly fascinating in a man so far from bashfulness as he.

  • Collected(Definition of collected)
  • The frenchwomen collected at the seigniory house.

  • Clout(Definition of clout)
  • His shepherds and goatherds bear the homely names of native english clowns, diggon davie, willye, and piers; colin clout, adopted from skelton, stands for spenser himself; hobbinol, for gabriel harvey; cuddie, perhaps for edward kirke; names revived by ambrose phillips, and laughed at by pope, when pastorals again came into vogue with the wits of queen anne.

  • Cooled(Definition of cooled)
  • But the pure matter-of-factness of the girl's manner, her silence, and her uncompromising attitude, as she walked by his side, cooled whatever ardour her beauty and the reflection that he had jockeyed berkeley were calculated to arouse; and it was with an effort that he presently lessened the distance between them.

  • Collocate(Definition of collocate)
  • These are generally considered the small things of agriculture, and are overlooked by all but the statist, whose business it is to deal with these minutiae, to hunt them up, to collocate them, and when he combines these various details and produces the sum total, we are all astonished at the result.

  • Cleft(Definition of cleft)
  • He tried to scale the cleft, so to reach the heights of the main island; but the steep rocks gave no sufficient foothold, and he dropped back into the water bruised and discomfited.

  • Coolest
  • He had just come home from a long rough ride, to spend at least one day in his own house, and after overhauling his correspondence, went into the dining-room, as the coolest in the house, to refresh himself a little with a glass of light wine before going up to dress for dinner.

  • Collector(Definition of collector)
  • To him the first book printed in his native townlet, though by a printer merely stopping on his way between one great city and another, must needs be of interest, and it is hard that its price should be forced beyond his reach by the competition between dealers keen to do business with a rich collector to whom the book will have none of the fragrance it would possess for him.

  • Cold(Definition of cold)
  • But how odd that my first thought of the man should have come to me when sitting by the fire where cobbett himself had sat on many a cold evening!

  • Clock(Definition of clock)
  • Thou wert of a certainty in the clock.

    Blood Crushed From A Clock I'm in love but we just talk

    – You're The One I Want by jets to brazil
  • Colette
  • While he was saying this, colette slipped past without vouchsafing so much as a glance in their direction.

  • Connect(Definition of connect)
  • Therefore, while we see that birth does not always make a gentleman, we still get the idea that it may help to make one, as we do not readily connect the idea with jeames, who was a "gentleman's gentleman."

  • Collect(Definition of collect)
  • B- money com-n- to you from old score left un-a-d -hat -s my share for collect-n- for you?

  • Colder
  • The woman told dick that all her own washing was done in the stream, so dick went out to wash his face in it; but the mist still hung thick over the moor, the air was sharp and cold and the water colder still; so that both he and elsie were satisfied with very little washing.

  • Select(Definition of select)
  • Miss lawrence is the last woman in the world whom i would have imagined you to select as a wife.

  • Colt(Definition of colt)
  • 38 colt long or short, or the .

  • Correct(Definition of correct)
  • 15,587. was he correct in what he said about a man who was in debt to the agent getting a berth more readily than another?

  • Colbert
  • M. colbert had shrugged his shoulders over the prospect of a fog; his master would hear of no delay, and the king had sent for thomas lie, a famous pilot of the cinque ports, to go with us till the french coast should be sighted.

  • Jolt(Definition of jolt)
  • Marcel sat up with a jolt.

  • Collects
  • Weaker than the miser, the insatiable and restless mind traverses from east to west; and from the nooks, and corners, and crevices of earth collects, fragment by fragment, grain by grain, atom by atom, the riches which it gathers to its coffers-for what?

  • Recollect(Definition of recollect)
  • Do you recollect that?"

  • Coiled
  • The ropes were all coiled out of the way, and the men took off their upper jackets, and remained in their trowsers and shirts.

  • Coaled
  • The sea smooth; and the engine, after being well coaled, made 14 revolutions per minute.

  • Clot(Definition of clot)
  • These by contracting draw the corpuscles together and form the clot.

  • Closet(Definition of closet)
  • She snatched the bottle: "i'll just lock this away in the medicine closet, and when henery's back troubles him again, he can have it along with one of my hot poultices."

    opened ur door and locked it, then u found rkelly hiding in ur closet

    – Crowded by various artists
  • Elect(Definition of elect)
  • A quorum was needed to pass decrees and to elect the officers.

  • Polecat(Definition of polecat)
  • The weasel stands as the type of a large number of animals, such as the marten, sable, polecat, otter, skunk, &c.; all being characterized by a long body, short legs, and considerable energy of disposition.

  • Colgate
  • Clayton, mrs. mary, clayton, miss emma, covert, miss mary, clarkson, mr. colgate, miss catharine, crosby, mrs. j. crosby, mrs. clement, miss elizabeth, clement, mrs. mary, clement, miss sarah e. clement, miss mary, collins, charles, governor of rhode island.

  • Cleat(Definition of cleat)
  • The boy at the wheel did as he was directed; and as the line became slack jack took it in, ready to hastily secure the same about another cleat in case the dying shark developed a disposition to make a last mad dash.