Correct spelling for OCCURE

We think the word occure is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for occure

  • Accra(Definition of accra)
  • In two days they arrived opposite the british fort at accra, and, after staying there a week, they embarked on board the clinker, lieutenant matson, commander; and having sailed direct for badagry, they dropped anchor in the roadstead in the front of that town on the 19th.

  • Secure(Definition of secure)
  • They were enough, however, to secure the dismissal of knox from frankfort.

  • Accuse(Definition of accuse)
  • "sir marmaduke wade," rejoined the cuirassier captain, "you accuse me of circumlocution.

  • Occurred
  • The vessel was the 'camperdown,' and that occurred in 1866. 15,502. what was mr. leask's reason for not engaging you for that vessel?

  • Acquire(Definition of acquire)
  • I have always noticed that the man who knows the least, but is willing to acquire knowledge and follow instructions implicitly, is the man who generally succeeds.

  • Occur(Definition of occur)
  • 11,406. can you say that, in half the cases that occur, there is a cash balance paid at all?

  • Occupy(Definition of occupy)
  • We had just settled down when word came we were to occupy the deputy-commissioner's bungalow which is apparently empty, so we only had tiffin in the dak bungalow.

  • Ordure(Definition of ordure)
  • I have chosen a few, and but a few, flowers of rhetoric from the speech of the honorable senator: 'compromise of human rights,' 'violating the national faith,' 'dishonoring the name of there public,' 'bad mutton,' 'new muscipular abortion,' 'a new anathema maranatha,' 'abomination,' 'paragon and masterpiece of ingratitude,' 'abortive for all good,' 'shocking to the moral sense,' 'the very koh-i-noor of blackness,' 'essential uncleanliness,' 'disgusting ordure,' 'loathsome stench;' and the men who support it, if they pass it, will be 'harpies,' 'pontius pilate, with judas iscariot on his back.

  • Occurs
  • The passage occurs four times in succession, and as printed becomes commonplace and monotonous.

  • Ocr
  • Ocr is one of the largest federal civil rights agencies in the united states, with a staff of approximately 560 attorneys, investigators, and other staff.

  • Ochre(Definition of ochre)
  • Spores in the mass pale ochre, cinerous or brownish, globose, minutely warted, 5-6 mic.

  • Accrue(Definition of accrue)
  • The missionaries don't have such a high success rate - you have to be awfully convincing to get through to a culture that's already successfully resisted nearly a century's worth of propaganda - but when you convert a whole village, you accrue all the whuffie they have to give.

  • Acre(Definition of acre)
  • Even at these rates the crop is a profitable one, often bringing $300 per acre after paying the cost of marketing.

  • Ogre(Definition of ogre)
  • Then vastolla quickly opened his lips, and scarcely had he spoken the words when he was changed, as it were from an owl to a nightingale, from an ogre to a beautiful youth, from a scarecrow to a fine gentleman.

  • Cure(Definition of cure)
  • 12,430. you say that sixty-three tons of your cure is from crews who cure their own fish and deliver them at one time at the end of the curing season; and these, of course, as you have already said, would be sold at a rather lower price than fish of your own cure?