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How To Spell occur?

Correct spelling: occur

What are the misspellings for occur ?

What is the definition of occur?

  1. come to one's mind; suggest itself; "It occurred to me that we should hire another secretary"; "A great idea then came to her"

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What are the usage examples for occur?

  1. After the law with that poor girl was done, I found permission with the proper one, And, though such things by law could not occur In my heart- family I adopted her.

What are the rhymes for occur?

  1. inter, whirr, blur, sher, pere, transfer, durr, err, fir, hur, shir, liqueur, sir, birr, ur, shur, nurre, slur, stir, ker, monsieur, murr, demur, fleur, incur, fer, we're, fur, shirr, kerr, purr, pur, refer, infer, cur, der, bir, spur, mer, deter, prefer, burr, were, furr, recur, sur, myrrh, thur, bur;
  2. concur, chauffeur, confer, adjure, defer, abjure;
  3. reoccur, connoisseur, saboteur;
  4. entrepreneur, restaurateur;

What are the translations for occur?

Afrikaans word for Occur


Arabic word for Occur


Dutch words for Occur

optreden, gebeuren, voorkomen, ontstaan, voorvallen, plaatsvinden, geschieden.

French words for Occur

se produire, avoir lieu, arriver, survenir, surgir, exister, intervenir, se manifester.

German words for Occur

eintreten, erfolgen, auftreten, entstehen, sich ereignen, vorkommen, geschehen, passieren, stattfinden, vorfallen.

Hindi word for Occur


Italian words for Occur

avvenire, accadere, succedere, capitare, manifestarsi, occorrere, svolgersi.

Javanese word for Occur


Korean word for Occur


Malay word for Occur


Norwegian word for Occur


Polish words for Occur

wystąpić, powstawać, zachodzić, zdarzać się.

Portuguese words for Occur

ocorrer, acontecer.

Spanish words for Occur

presentarse, encontrarse, aparecer, ocurrir, existir, suceder, producirse, darse, hallarse.

Swedish word for Occur


Turkish word for Occur