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Correct spelling: Occupying

Common misspellings for Occupying:

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Examples of usage for Occupying:

  1. " Oh, I'll take my chance," Lionel said; it was not dinner that was occupying his thoughts. – Prince Fortunatus by William Black

Quotes for Occupying:

  1. I don't think we would have had to be an occupying power if we had done the right thing in 1991.
  2. I could not do the film Spinal Tap because I was already at MTV and it was occupying all my time.
  3. The conditions which now exist in Germany make it impossible for industrial production to reach the levels which the occupying powers agreed were essential for a minimum German peacetime economy.
  4. An occupying power has no right to make significant alterations in the character of the occupied society, to change the laws all around, without a strong security reason and so forth.
  5. Oh, I wish I were a miser; being a miser must be so occupying.