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How To Spell plans?

Correct spelling: plans

List of misspellings for plans:

  • plamsa,
  • vilans,
  • planars,
  • polans,
  • planc,
  • planys,
  • zepplins,
  • pleny,
  • plrase,
  • plainess,
  • palmsa,
  • planis,
  • plams,
  • planss,
  • plas,
  • polands,
  • plasis,
  • plasn,
  • planhas,
  • plainiff,
  • planst,
  • playn,
  • plaan,
  • palne,
  • palns,
  • planse,
  • plaase,
  • plns,
  • polonuis,
  • plency,
  • planon,
  • plance,
  • plana,
  • planne,
  • plands,
  • plaes,
  • plasy,
  • pland,
  • polens,
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What does the abbreviation plans mean?

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Els Plans de Sió is a municipality in the province of Lleida and autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain.

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Commune in France

Les Plans is a commune in the Gard department in southern France.

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This graph shows how "plans" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for plans:

  1. There is a difference between a military mission and the aspiration for the long -term plans for the country. What we want is a stable enough Afghanistan, able to look after its own security so we can leave without the fear of it imploding... But let's be clear- it's not going to be perfect.
  2. I think that President Obama is beginning to realize that a lot of his plans have backfired.
  3. I certainly have no plans to leave London. It's a great town.
  4. A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. And all plans, safeguards, policing, and coercion are fruitless. We find that after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us.
  5. Many people do not realize that where unions have bargaining rights employers cannot raise wages or improve benefit plans any more than they can reduce them without of the consent of the union.

Rhymes for plans:

  1. japans, spans, franz, danz, pecans, sans, mans, clans, hannes, tans, hands, hans, jans, frans, scans, divans, vans, lanz, cannes, fans, pans, cheyennes, sanz, branz, cans, gans, rans, bans, sedans;

Translations for plans:

Dutch words for Plans

plannen, ontwerpen, doelen, projecten, schetsen, tekeningen, bedoelingen, plattegronden, voornemens, planningen.

French words for Plans

intentions, plans, planes, programmes, projets, schémas.

German words for Plans

vorhaben, Planungen, Modelle, Karten, Ansichten, Projekte.

Spanish words for Plans

proyectos, esquemas, programas, planos, planificaciones.