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How To Spell playing?

Correct spelling: playing

Definition of playing:

  1. occupied in play or playful activities; "heard the laughter of playing children"

List of misspellings for playing:

  • llying,
  • suppliying,
  • pleaing,
  • placeing,
  • payin,
  • applyon,
  • alying,
  • plasing,
  • oplaying,
  • plarking,
  • playuing,
  • playerin,
  • deplaying,
  • payiny,
  • applyiong,
  • playn,
  • playingf,
  • palning,
  • lpaying,
  • delyaing,
  • plagueing,
  • plauing,
  • platying,
  • pollyana,
  • playis,
  • apliying,
  • piaying,
  • prayign,
  • paldin,
  • liying,
  • pryaing,
  • pllaying,
  • plyaing,
  • playul,
  • palaying,
  • prayin,
  • alaying,
  • playingou,
  • applyinng,
  • aplyying,
  • plaquing,
  • playig,
  • applyin,
  • applyingfor,
  • palceing,
  • applyinf,
  • applyinh,
  • appleying,
  • playign,
  • playingin,
  • plaiying,
  • playinh,
  • aplaying,
  • apllying,
  • playingg,
  • payiing,
  • pleeing,
  • playong,
  • placign,
  • pyaing,
  • plalying,
  • placin,
  • polyanna,
  • diplaying,
  • plkaying,
  • plubing,
  • playibng,
  • applyig,
  • aplying,
  • appliying,
  • applyign,
  • planiing,
  • delayin,
  • playhing,
  • plainy,
  • payaing,
  • ploying,
  • paiying,
  • play8ing,
  • palying,
  • playin,
  • playinf,
  • layign,
  • plaicing,
  • playiong,
  • playerand,
  • plaing,
  • pllaning,
  • fllying,
  • playings,
  • appllying,
  • playiing,
  • pleying,
  • playying,
  • playsing,
  • prayiing,
  • pklaying,
  • applaying,
  • palsing,
  • pullying.

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Quotes for playing:

  1. I do not think I reinvent myself. Wearing my hair differently or changing my style of dress is playing dress -up. I don't take it too seriously.
  2. One of the reasons I loved playing quarterback was that I got to call the plays. The cancer put me in a position where I really wasn't in control anymore.
  3. Just to be around that, to feel a part of it and be able to integrate the experience while I was with the Messengers, of going and playing gigs with other drummers, gave me the chance to realize that it was not just me that was making it happen.
  4. If you don't know the blues... there's no point in picking up the guitar and playing rock and roll or any other form of popular music.
  5. I haven't stopped playing. If you play all the time, then your chops are up and you tend to grow.

Translations for playing:

Afrikaans word for Playing


Dutch word for Playing


French words for Playing

jouer, muter.

German word for Playing


Greek word for Playing


Italian word for Playing


Malay word for Playing


Marathi word for Playing

खेळत आहे.

Norwegian word for Playing


Portuguese word for Playing


Romanian word for Playing


Spanish words for Playing

juego, jugando.

Swedish words for Playing

gry, spelar.

Tamil word for Playing


Turkish word for Playing