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  1. I've got bits here and there to do, and a lot to re do. – The Way of Ambition by Robert Hichens
  2. This makes it necessary to re treat the animal in from eight to ten days after the first treatment. – Common Diseases of Farm Animals by R. A. Craig, D. V. M.
  3. Mrs. Brand slipped her arm within that of her friend, and made her re enter the drawing- room. – Daisy Burns (Volume 2) by Julia Kavanagh
  4. It is a conception presented several times in the history of philosophy, but there is great need of re emphasising it to- day, especially as things in space have gripped the soul with such power and disastrous results. – An Interpretation of Rudolf Eucken's Philosophy by W. Tudor Jones
  5. We're going visiting up the road. – Carolyn of the Corners by Ruth Belmore Endicott
  6. As Jane re entered the room, Larry sprang to meet her. – The Major by Ralph Connor
  7. It was almost as though they had never met before, so delightful was the re union between Dawn and her father. – Dawn by Mrs. Harriet A. Adams
  8. The captain re entered the house and Violet followed. – Grandmother Elsie by Martha Finley
  9. Then came the battle with the force which had escaped from Breedings, the march to Millersville, the re enforcement of the Home Guard, and the fight at the hill. – A Lieutenant at Eighteen by Oliver Optic
  10. Then I turned to re enter the house. – The Beetle A Mystery by Richard Marsh

What are the rhymes for re?

  1. d, wei, ree, cray, m3, ged, honoree, chea, trey, ot, repartee, crea, dey, brey, goatee, quay, sea, three, flea, wray, drey, che, bea, bay, yie, je, tyree, guarani, trustee, daye, whoopee, grey, undersea, ley, weigh, pri, brea, nabil, ne, mt, inductee, nestle, hwe, neigh, designee, ca, resignee, c, glee, sway, li, cay, clay, marquis, rb, mit, gutsy, lay, oad, guaranty, tae, brie, mcghee, se, internee, she, bt, see, he, retiree, vee, day, marquee, appointee, yea, rea, dae, vi, cree, chablis, ip, waye, sightsee, z, cxc, ye, klee, nay, mea, zee, gee, ney, shri, syp, flee, zea, fray, yee, raye, kaye, leigh, rosemarie, stray, ravi, way, kyi, lei, musee, debris, yangtze, the, jaycee, dupree, v, indri, nominee, flay, tea, de, xi, lea, kee, atp, whey, ki, guarantee, ti, play, ji, fe, sleigh, bray, graye, conferee, trainee, id, snee, ranee, shi, te, wey, jie, prey, detainee, jay, quai, dray, tray, nic, magee, gaye, dundee, parolee, slee, henri, gway, they, lavie, gray, spree, sze, ve, yay, mee, nie, esprit, say, franchisee, cie, mey, klay, markee, oversea, mae, tee, yippee, pawnee, nghi, rae, cyb, tenn, sie, marie, disagree, pea, chee, wee, enlistee, be, licensee, vendee, gyi, bui, c3, bourgeoisie, we, g, pattee, louie, ofc, knee, prix, odp, ghee, paye, yi, waikiki, dea, cac, cd, blay, thee, free, saye, mc, ddt, ib, tay, fey, tree, faye, spray, thi, b, enrollee, banshee, cat-3, nee, vey, fay, rupee, bbc, blea, apc, mpg, mei, lessee, xie, degree, cc, bey, jae, loree, lp, lsd, pay, mme, key, smee, njt, bee, thierry, maye, si, ab, rosalee, lee, ae, jaye, hey, kea, frey, jubilee, foresee, plea, tse, cod, shea, eap, referee, j, pei, kay, fee, fi, mcgee, sta, ee, khe, me, bree, wy, dsv, p, ze, rey, jessee, lxi, stay, tennessee, potpourri, sep, qui, jee, mi, k, tv, spie, capri, curie, dee, ay, t, decree, ski, may, andree, qi, emcee, hay, fsi, valoree, pree, slay, lait, nej, sri, fop, deportee, devotee, draftee, pray, bibi, sci, haye, hee, escapee, brae, sheree, ray, shay;
  2. puree, survey, obey, convey, achee, repay, saute, chalet, cathay, mckay, cliche, calais, da, ga, rene, risque, parquet, gervais, betray, sergei, delray, abbe, o'shea, array, b-j, toupee, passe, monet, beret, sorbet, adee, carre, halfway, soiree, moray, croquet, allay, away, nikkei, astray, defray, cafe, ole, ek, renee, mackay, filet, prepay, mcveigh, portray, essay, hervey, millay, display, cache, dismay, delay, purvey, fillet, manet, levey, ha, okay, abee, oj, agree, hooray, bouquet, macrae, mccrea, souffle, crochet, belay, dk, beauvais, albee, jose, ac, alee, asay, orsay, replay, buffet, nisei, decay, valet, hurray, ballet, olay, today, bombay, dossier;
  3. underplay, amc, piaget, uva, abt, dak, bta, attache, ekk, cabaret, cea, disobey, faberge, absentee, ita, cabernet, monterrey, fiance, jna, amputee, perrier, lyonnais, overplay, overstay, ira, intraday, chevrolet, underway, adoree, disarray, monterey, aaa, bouvier, adoptee, bua, addressee;
  4. communique, asea, hnat, lapd, noaa, cabriolet, irit, geac, foia, ceta, hiaa, knbc, naivete, interviewee;
  5. awb;
  6. waga;

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