How To Spell Rew?

Correct spelling: Rew

What is the definition of Rew?

  1. r[=oo], n. (Spens.). Same as ROW.

What does the abbreviation Rew mean?

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What are the usage examples for Rew?

  1. To sic grit stouth quha eir wald trow it, Bot gif some great man it allowit Rycht sair I trow Thocht it be rew Thair is sa few That dar avow it. – Minstrelsy of the Scottish border (3rd ed) (1 of 3) by Walter Scott
  2. G. Poore Queen, so that thy State might be no worse, I would my skill were subiect to thy curse: Heere did she drop a teare, heere in this place Ile set a Banke of Rew sowre Herbe of Grace: Rue, eu'n for ruth, heere shortly shall be seene, In the remembrance of a Weeping Queene. – Richard-II by Shakespeare, William
  3. I therefore departed from the original scheme so far as to provide the Turkish Knight with three attendant monsters, severally named the Good, the Beyootiful, and the Ter- rew and representing in themselves the current forms of Religion, Art, and Science. – A Christmas Garland by Max Beerbohm
  4. 560 Soone flewe this newes through Fayrie land Which gaue Queene Mab to vnderstand, The combate that was then in hand, Betwixt those men so mighty: Which greatly she began to rew Perceuing that all Fayrie knew, The first occasion from her grew, Of these affaires so weighty. – Minor Poems of Michael Drayton by Michael Drayton
  5. Proofing by David, Dawn Smith, Uzma, Jane Foster, Juliana Rew Marie Rhoden and Jo Osment. – Seven Discourses on Art by Joshua Reynolds

What are the rhymes for Rew?

  1. lu, qu, coup, moo, drew, shew, sioux, leu, crewe, soo, gu, stu, ooh, trew, screw, chew, do, boo, siew, uwe, stew, blue, jue, koo, too, lou, new, vue, queue, crew, through, who, clue, cue, flew, q, kyu, zoo, whew, hewe, bleu, liu, two, kew, flu, pugh, pou, nu, que, thru, dew, poo, hu, mu, zhu, woo, shoo, thuy, lew, tue, xue, ru, pew, true, ewe, blew, fu, glew, loo, chou, rue, chiu, zhou, strew, hsu, yue, few, hue, phu, cou, sue, pooh, jew, shu, hoo, su, spew, ou, shoe, dru, slew, grew, joo, chu, yew, wu, ju, thew, skew, beu, mew, coups, goo, hou, pu, glue, due, vu, knew, view, you, tew, xu, coo, phew, tu, hew, gue, zue, pru, flue, hugh, yu, u, gnu, doo, douwe, lue, foo, threw, brew, lieu, shrew, yoo, du, ku, prue;
  2. debut, cat-2, kazoo, outdo, renew, babu, subdue, leroux, imbue, kwangju, revue, abou, fitzhugh, anew, redo, into, review, liou, c2, ague, tatu, mchugh, adieu, untrue, ensue, construe, tattoo, undo, reto, shampoo, ado, urdu, peru, purdue, withdrew, undue, m2, wahoo, accrue, cebu, miscue, fondue, askew, perdue, zanu, unglue, eschew, taboo, outgrew, ragu, bamboo, canoe, pursue, baku, larue;
  3. hitherto, kangaroo, overthrew, misconstrue, byu, katmandu, depardieu, timbuktu, overdo, overdue, isu, suu, iou;
  4. hullabaloo, kalamazoo;
  5. dfw;