How To Spell repeat?

Correct spelling: repeat

What is the definition of repeat?

  1. Repeatedly.

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What are the rhymes for repeat?

  1. seat, neet, beat, meat, suite, skeet, pete, veit, sleet, crete, feet, teet, teat, eat, treat, feat, cheat, mete, neat, bleat, meet, skeat, grete, peet, sheet, heat, wheat, beet, st, leet, tweet, greet, fleet, cleat, piet, peete, peat, sweet, street, pleat;
  2. gamete, secrete, replete, deceit, conceit, elite, concrete, offbeat, effete, receipt, mistreat, excrete, petite, deplete, retreat, discrete, complete, unseat, discreet, bridgette, downbeat, delete, compete, defeat, amit;
  3. marguerite, uncomplete, marquerite, noncompete, incomplete, indiscreet;

What are the translations for repeat?

Afrikaans word for Repeat


Arabic word for Repeat


Chinese words for Repeat

重申, 重覆, 重述, 再说, 中继, 横说竖说.

Dutch words for Repeat

herhalen, verder vertellen, herhaling, imiteren, navertellen, nadoen, nazeggen.

French words for Repeat

refaire, reprise, renouveler, reproduire, rediffusion, redoubler, redire, recommencer, repris, redoublement.

German words for Repeat

Wiederholung, sich wiederholen, nachsprechen, repetieren, nachreden, nachsagen.

Hindi word for Repeat


Italian word for Repeat


Japanese words for Repeat

繰り返し, リピート, 繰り返す, 繰返す, くり返し, くり返す, 度重なる, くりかえし, くりかえす, 繰りかえす, 引きかえす, どをかさねる, かいをかさねる, たびかさなる, 引き返す, 引返す, かさねる, ひっかえす, ひきかえす, 引っ返す, レピート, 回を重ねる, 度を重ねる.

Javanese word for Repeat


Malay word for Repeat


Norwegian word for Repeat


Romanian word for Repeat


Spanish words for Repeat

contar, reproducir, repetir, reiterar, repetirse, recitar.

Turkish word for Repeat

tekrar et.

Vietnamese word for Repeat

sự nhắc lại.