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Correct spelling: rebut


Definition of rebut:

  1. To repel; to oppose by argument, plea, or countervailing proof.
  2. To answer, as a plaintiff's sur- rejoinder.

Common misspellings for rebut:

rebutle, rebutt, rebute.

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Examples of usage for rebut:

  1. But none of these things would restore her maiden pride; would remove from her the stain of his false love, or rebut the insolent taunt of the eyes to which she had bowed herself captive. "The Castle Inn" , Stanley John Weyman.
  2. Promptly on the summons Sergeant Archelaus appeared in the doorway; so promptly, indeed, that he might have found it hard, under cross- examination, to rebut the charge of having stood listening outside. "Major Vigoureux" , A. T. Quiller-Couch.
  3. Not a hint is given that any testimony may be received to rebut the satisfactory proof given by the plaintiff. "A Letter to the Hon. Samuel Eliot, Representative in Congress From the City of Boston, In Reply to His Apology For Voting For the Fugitive Slave Bill." , Hancock.

Rhymes for rebut:

  1. abut, somewhat, uncut.
  2. but, butt, cut, glut, gut, gutt, haute, hut, hutt, jut, knut, kut, mutt, nut, nutt, putt, rut, shut, smut, strut, tut, tutt, utt, what.
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