How To Spell revival?

Correct spelling: revival

What is the definition of revival?

  1. The act of reviving, or the state of being revived.

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What are the usage examples for revival?

  1. He owned up, however, to a frank curiosity about the Collingwoods, and to a strong desire to see them together in their home; but he had as little expectation of a revival of his fancy for Mrs. Collingwood as he had of beholding so great a change in the lady herself. – The Locusts' Years by Mary Helen Fee

What are the rhymes for revival?

  1. rival;
  2. archival, survival, arrival;

What are the translations for revival?

Afrikaans word for Revival


Chinese word for Revival


Dutch words for Revival

comeback, herstel, opleving, heropleving, herleving, opwekking, wedergeboorte, wederopleving, opbloei, heroprichting, herrijzenis, wederopstanding, wederopbloei.

French words for Revival

reprise, relance, reconstitution, renouveau, regain, revitalisation, résurrection.

German words for Revival

Belebung, Erholung, Aufschwung, Wiederbelebung, aufleben, Revival, Erweckung, Wiederaufnahme, Wiederaufleben, Renaissance, Neubelebung, Reaktivierung, Wiedererweckung, Wiederaufführung, Wiedererwachen.

Hindi word for Revival


Italian words for Revival

ripresa, rinascita, rilancio, ritorno, risveglio, riscoperta, riedizione.

Japanese words for Revival

リバイバル, リヴァイヴァル, 覚醒.

Javanese word for Revival


Korean word for Revival


Norwegian word for Revival


Portuguese word for Revival


Spanish words for Revival

restablecimiento, despertar, vuelta, renacimiento, resurgimiento, avivamiento, relanzamiento, resurrección, reanimación, reavivamiento, reestreno.

Swedish word for Revival


Turkish word for Revival