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How To Spell roe?

Correct spelling: roe

What are the misspellings for roe ?

  • rhe,
  • roa,
  • reo,
  • moehr,
  • rrose124,
  • reiew,
  • rodea,
  • aoe,
  • heroe,
  • rge,
  • zoe,
  • royur,
  • aroow,
  • roed,
  • roge,
  • rie,
  • rosey,
  • ror,
  • roel,
  • roagh,
  • wrore,
  • toehr,
  • rde,
  • proe,
  • loe,
  • rooof,
  • rofo,
  • ioewr,
  • remoe,
  • koe,
  • rpe,
  • roemo,
  • erroer,
  • raor,
  • varioue,
  • rrof,
  • ros,
  • rog,
  • rotue,
  • rom,
  • wrtoe,
  • joe,
  • roz,
  • rle,
  • oe,
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  • roigh,
  • voew,
  • groue,
  • soe,
  • rooes,
  • arou,
  • robie,
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  • rthe,
  • roce,
  • yoe,
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  • reove,
  • reaer,
  • rioja,
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  • goe,
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  • roi,
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  • prioe,
  • rome,
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  • ree,
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  • moe,
  • wroe,
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  • reaio,
  • froe,
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  • wroet,
  • eoe.

What is the definition of roe?

  1. the eggs or egg-laden ovary of a fish

What does the abbreviation roe mean?


roe deer
Roe as a boy's name is of Middle English origin, and the meaning of Roe is "roe deer". May have originated as an occupational name for a hunter or trapper of deers.

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This graph shows how "roe" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for roe?

  1. They all testified that John Doe and Richard Roe and Payne came to their death by hanging. – Memoirs of Orange Jacobs by Orange Jacobs
  2. Put the roe on a buttered baking- dish, season with salt and pepper, cover with the sauce, and bake. – The Myrtle Reed Cook Book by Myrtle Reed

What are the rhymes for roe?

  1. dough, bio, woe, bow, ow, row, boe, coe, beau, rouleau, quo, sgro, forego, oh, uno, glow, nau, gau, though, perot, hoh, loewe, slow, joe, mo, bestow, rideau, doe, papo, cro, sloe, cloe, ro, tso, defoe, sow, devaux, undergo, whoa, glo, bowe, rowe, tyo, yoh, fro, plough, thoreau, chau, goe, gloe, yau, so-so, giraud, renaud, turbot, roh, strow, gro, au, loe, sew, aux, bro, floe, rondeau, ngo, cho, vo, truffaut, blow, mau, chateau, loew, wo, goh, tableau, koh, plateau, thibault, yo, marceau, snow, bo, so, noh, peugeot, flow, forgo, outgrow, inco, zoh, loh, escoe, monroe, co, stow, tallyho, show, throw, kowtow, mow, toe, dau, beaux, gogh, cousteau, margaux, low, bordeaux, lowe, hello, munro, poh, go, hoe, grow, poe, rho, tow, nouveau, tableaux, trow, o', tho, crow, flo, kayo, kyo, pro, cabo, jo, lo, owe, moe, chateaux, tarot, below, doh, luo, stowe, noe, foe, eau, escrow, ko, yoe, joh, know, ho;
  2. aglow, miro, ago, renault, arnaud, arnault, although, pernod;
  3. taekwondo, apropos, overflow, eeo, ivo, imo;
  4. celo;

What are the translations for roe?

Afrikaans word for Roe


Bengali word for Roe

মাছের ডিমের দল.

Chinese word for Roe


Dutch words for Roe

kuit, hom, viseieren, viskuit.

French words for Roe

chevreuil, œufs de poisson, frai.

German word for Roe


Italian word for Roe


Japanese word for Roe


Marathi word for Roe

माशाची अंडी.

Norwegian words for Roe

rogn, roe.

Polish word for Roe


Spanish words for Roe

huevas, hueva, corzo, corza.

Tamil word for Roe


Turkish word for Roe


Vietnamese word for Roe

con mang.