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Correct spelling: ruse


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This graph shows how "ruse" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for ruse:

  1. Every one looked upon the jewel as already recovered and regarded my invitation to the stable as a ruse by which I hoped to restore universal good feeling by giving them all a share in my triumph. –  by
  2. His ruse had proven a blind trail, and there was nothing to do but go down to the stables, take the horse blanket from the peg where he had hung it, and set out again for the South Y. –  by
  3. The success of the ruse had put his men in the best of humours, and even the horses seemed to share their riders' feelings; for they struck out with as much spirit as if they had but just left their stalls. –  by

Rhymes for ruse:

  1. blues, booze, bruise, choose, confuse, cruise, cruse, defuse, enthuse, excuse, fuse, hughes, infuse, loos, lose, meuse, mews, misuse, muse, news, ooze, peruse, recuse, refuse, reuse, schmooze, shoes, snooze, suffuse, toulouse, transfuse, use, canoes, chuse, druse, tattoos, whose, clews, druze, sous, cruz, joos, luiz, roos, cues, glues, jews, taboos, spews, sues, pursues, brews, stews, shrews, reviews, queues, ensues, pews, moos, renews, views, woos, twos, screws, hues, goos, crews, buse, luse, boos, dews, drews, dues, ewes, foos, hews, koos, kuse, mewes, oohs, ques, soos, tewes, tews, miscues, revues, kruse, coups, skews, clues, who's;
  2. abuse, accuse, amuse, bemuse, diffuse, accrues;
  3. disabuse, overuse, kangaroos;