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How To Spell ruse?

Correct spelling: ruse

Definition of ruse:

  1. a deceptive maneuver (especially to avoid capture)

List of misspellings for ruse:

  • rhose,
  • owrse,
  • ruseel,
  • pruse,
  • rizer,
  • youse,
  • ruum,
  • reusme,
  • recei,
  • russle,
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Related words for ruse

Bulstrad Arena


Arena in Ruse, Bulgaria

Bulstrad Arena is an indoor arena located in Ruse, Bulgaria. It is one of the most modern venues in Southeastern Europe with a seating capacity of 5,100 to 6,300 spectators depending on its use.



Frajhajm is a dispersed settlement in the Pohorje Hills in the Municipality of Slovenska Bistrica in northeastern Slovenia. The area is part of the traditional region of Styria.

Harold Stanley Ruse



Harold Stanley Ruse MA FRSE was an English mathematician, noteworthy for the development of the concept of locally harmonic spaces.

Paul W. Ruse Jr.



Paul W. Ruse Jr. was a Vermont banker and public official. He is notable for having served three terms as Vermont State Treasurer from 1989 to 1995.

Ruse Central railway station


Railway station

Ruse Central railway station is the main station serving the city and municipality of Ruse, the fifth most populous city in Bulgaria.

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Rhymes for ruse:

  1. queues, snooze, infuse, goos, cruise, roos, foos, ewes, jews, brews, loos, woos, cues, druse, cruz, reuse, koos, suffuse, renews, tews, glues, ensues, revues, joos, schmooze, spews, defuse, miscues, druze, kuse, crews, news, tattoos, confuse, mews, luiz, pews, excuse, reviews, stews, mewes, drews, coups, luse, muse, screws, enthuse, kruse, meuse, refuse, transfuse, taboos, dews, bruise, soos, peruse, boos, pursues, tewes, hues, oohs, recuse, shoes, skews, dues, clues, shrews, clews, ooze, whose, moos, misuse, who's, chuse, cruse, ques, lose, blues, views, booze, use, sues, toulouse, buse, choose, hughes, canoes, sous, hews, fuse, twos;
  2. accrues, amuse, bemuse, diffuse, abuse, accuse;
  3. disabuse, kangaroos, overuse;

Translations for ruse:

Afrikaans word for Ruse


Chinese words for Ruse

诡计, 技俩, 伎俩.

Dutch word for Ruse


French words for Ruse

rusé, truc.

German words for Ruse

Kniff, Trick, List, Finte.

Italian word for Ruse


Polish word for Ruse


Portuguese word for Ruse


Romanian word for Ruse


Spanish word for Ruse


Turkish word for Ruse