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How To Spell similarity?

Correct spelling: similarity

Definition of similarity:

  1. the quality of being similar

List of misspellings for similarity:

  • similairity,
  • smiliarities,
  • similariries,
  • simliarites,
  • symilarity,
  • similaritues,
  • similat,
  • simlarities,
  • familarity,
  • similariteis,
  • similaritity,
  • similaraity,
  • similiarty,
  • simalrities,
  • simularies,
  • simmilarities,
  • similartiy,
  • similiarity,
  • simulary,
  • simlaritys,
  • simularily,
  • similarr,
  • dissimiliarity,
  • similare,
  • simularitys,
  • simmilarites,
  • similaritly,
  • simularty,
  • simmiliraties,
  • familairioty,
  • simialry,
  • similariies,
  • semilarities,
  • similalry,
  • similirities,
  • similarily,
  • familierity,
  • similairty,
  • similatity,
  • simialrity,
  • similiarily,
  • similary,
  • similariites,
  • simialrly,
  • similiary,
  • disimilarity,
  • simillare,
  • similaraties,
  • similarfood,
  • fimiliarity,
  • similirar,
  • similiart,
  • singualarity,
  • fimilarity,
  • simularity,
  • similairites,
  • simalry,
  • simalritys,
  • similares,
  • similiarities,
  • simialr,
  • similarieties,
  • simarlarily,
  • similairities,
  • singualrity,
  • simillarities,
  • smiliarity,
  • similaire,
  • similarates,
  • simerlarity,
  • simmialr,
  • singerlarity,
  • similiaritys,
  • similiraty,
  • familairity,
  • simiarity,
  • similaritys,
  • similarlity,
  • simialrt,
  • smilarity,
  • similaritie,
  • similiarites,
  • cemisrty,
  • similari,
  • simlarity,
  • simlarites,
  • familiariity,
  • familliarity,
  • similart,
  • simlicity,
  • simarlarity,
  • smilarities,
  • familuarity,
  • similaritites,
  • similiaraties,
  • similarto,
  • dissimlarity,
  • farmilliarity,
  • simialerities,
  • simliarities.

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Translations for similarity:

Afrikaans word for Similarity


Bengali word for Similarity


Dutch words for Similarity

overeenkomst, gelijkenis, verwantschap, gelijkaardigheid, vergelijkbaarheid, soortgelijkheid.

German words for Similarity

Gemeinsamkeit, Gleichheit, Gleichartigkeit.

Italian word for Similarity


Japanese words for Similarity

類似性, 類似, 相似, 同様, 相似点, るいじ, 似寄り, るいじせい, そうじてん.

Javanese word for Similarity


Malay word for Similarity


Portuguese word for Similarity


Russian word for Similarity


Spanish words for Similarity

parecido, proximidad, afinidad, paralelismo, semejanza, similitud, rasgo común.

Swedish word for Similarity


Turkish word for Similarity


Vietnamese word for Similarity

sự tương tự.