How To Spell slightly?

Correct spelling: slightly

What are the common typos for slightly?

  • sallegedly,
  • sllegedly.

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This graph shows how "slightly" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for slightly?

  1. He flushed and gave it a kick, then shivered slightly and sat down in a near- by chair.

What are the rhymes for slightly?

  1. whitely, tightly;
  2. lightly, brightly, rightly, nightly, sprightly, knightly;
  3. forthrightly, unsightly, politely;

What are the translations for slightly?

Afrikaans word for Slightly


Arabic word for Slightly


Chinese word for Slightly


French words for Slightly

légèrement, doucement, faiblement, sensiblement, petitement, mincement, relativement.

German words for Slightly

etwas, leicht, gering, klein, unerheblich, unbedeutend, schwach, unwesentlich, in geringfügiger Weise, schmächtig, unwichtig, graduell.

Italian words for Slightly

minimamente, leggermente.

Japanese words for Slightly

- 1, やや, わずかに, 僅かに, ほんのり.

Malay word for Slightly


Marathi word for Slightly


Norwegian word for Slightly


Polish words for Slightly

nieznacznie, lekko.

Portuguese words for Slightly

ligeiramente, levemente, um bocadinho, fracamente.

Romanian word for Slightly

puțin mai.

Russian words for Slightly

несколько, незначительно, чуть-чуть, слегка, едва, несущественно, слабо.

Spanish words for Slightly

ligeramente, suavemente, escasamente, vagamente, rada.

Tamil word for Slightly