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Spell Check of sorrel

Correct spelling: sorrel

Definition of sorrel:

  1. Reddish brown.
  2. A plant of the genus Rumex, containing oxalic acid; it is used as a salad.
  3. Of a reddish brown colour.
  4. A reddish brown colour.
  5. A plant of the genus rumex, so named from its acid taste.

Common misspellings for sorrel:

sorrell, sorrowly.

Sorrel \s(or)-rel\

Sorrel as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Sorrel), is a variant of Sorrell (Old French), and the meaning of Sorrel is "red-brown".
Sorel, Sorley.

Sorrel \s(or)-rel\

Sorrel as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Sorrel), is of Old French and Old German origin. From the plant "surele" which is a derivative of "sur", meaning "sour" in German. This refers to the acid taste of its leaves.
Related names:
Syrilla, Saralee, Sarely, Sarelia, Sirilla.
Sorrell, Sorel, Sorell.

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Examples of usage for sorrel:

  1. He mounted the sorrel and went forward, leaving her standing on the trail, holding the leading strap of her mother's horse, which tossed its head and stepped about restlessly, trying to follow. "The Eye of Dread" , Payne Erskine.
  2. Say, whenever he pleases, George; and order Sorrel to be ready, saddled and at the door, within an hour. "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)" , Charles James Lever.
  3. A glance showed him one horse only at the rack, a lean sorrel that he recognized. "The Desert Valley" , Jackson Gregory.

Rhymes for sorrel:

  1. amoral, auroral, balmoral, immoral.
  2. aural, boral, borel, choral, coral, curle, durrell, erle, floral, goral, koral, laurel, loral, moral, morell, murrell, norell, oral, orel, quarrel, sorel, sorell, sorrell.
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