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Correct spelling: to

Definition of to:

  1. t[= oo], prep. in the direction of: in order to: as far as; in accordance with, in the character of: regarding, concerning, in connection with: expressing the end or purpose of an action, as in many uses of the gerundial infinitive, the sign of the infinitive mood: ( B.) sometimes=for.-- adv. to a place in view, forward: to its place, together.-- TO AND FRO, backwards and forwards. [ A.S. tó; Ger. zu, Goth. du.]

Common misspellings for to:

minitore, on the side o f.


position. position, time. abreast, accusative, across, activate, active, actuate, actuation, adjacent, adjoining, agent, airtight, ajar, all, along, alongside, ambit, analogy, antithesis, any, apiece, appose, art, aspect, associate, at, author, auxiliary, awaken, balance, band, barred, before, beget, behind, benchmark, bent, beyond, blaze, border, both, bound, boundary, breadth, breed, bring, call, catalyst, catchment area, catty-corner, causal, causality, causation, causative, ceiling, closed, comparable, comparative, comparatively, compare, comparison, compass, compel, competitive, condition, conditional, conduce, conjugate, conjugation, contiguous, contrast, contrastive, contribute, contributory, convergent, copula, coterminous, country, cross, curb, cutoff, date, day, derivative, differentiate, differentiation, direct, disambiguate, doer, draw, each, ed, effect, either, elbow, engender, ensure, equal, every, excite, facing, factor, far, finite, foment, form, forward, forwards, front, fuel, fulfil, future, gaping, gerund, get, give, gold standard, have, hedge, hermetic, hither, hitherto, hold, homeward, imperative, imperfect, implement, in, inaugurate, indicative, induce, induction, infinitive, inject, inside, instigate, instigator, interim, intransitive, introduce, inward, inwards, jumping-off point, kingdom, kitty-corner, latch, leave, lie, limit, limited, linking verb, lot, make, meantime, meanwhile, measure, meet, modal, modality, narrow, narrowly, neighbouring, next, next door, non-finite, now, occasion, on, oncoming, one, one-way, onward, onwards, open, opposite, originate, other, outspread, over, overland, pan, parameter, participle, passive, past, past participle, patency, pending, perfect, perfect participle, perspective, pioneer, plant, pop, precipitate, predicate, present participle, prime mover, produce, progressive, prompt, propel, proviso, provoke, put, range, reactivate, realization, realize, realm, relative, relatively, relativity, render, restricted, result, rise, round, scope, sealed, see, send, set, shame, shoulder, shut, side, simile, so, so as to, spark, spawn, specialized, spectrum, spell, spread, springboard, stack, stack up, start, stimulant, stimulate, stir, strength, stretch, stricture, string, subjunctive, sure, surround, tell, tense, term, thing, thither, threshold, through, throw, thus, till, time, transitive, undone, up, up to, usher, wait, wake, ward, watertight, way, whole, wide-eyed, wise, wreak, wrought, yet, Against, Arose, Began, Beside, Catalyse, Earthward, Instate, Into, Meta-, Of, The, Thru, Towards, Toward, Until, Unto, Upon, Versus, Wast, With, phrasal verb, glass ceiling, CF, AGIN, as far as, passivize, self-induced, the first person, the future perfect, the past perfect, the past tense, the pluperfect, the present perfect, the third person, work-life balance, crack, hermetically sealed, over against, so that, headed for, in consideration of, for, per, in contemplation of, in order to, cross-country, A, trans, -ing, -ways, stative verb, bare infinitive, en-, -ize, ditransitive, lead 1, helping verb, the gamut, main verb, cause 1, -induced, -ization, the domino effect, wake (sb) up, base form, historic present, the active voice, the past continuous, the past simple, the present continuous, the present simple, en route to, in passage to, in transit to, on route to, vis-à-vis. down to, to this extent, as far as. over, Upon, in front of, before, on, prior to. becoming, back, Until, ending with. Into, Toward, directed toward, facing, through, Via. in order to, that one may, so. up to, till, extending to, stopping at.

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