How To Spell unknown?

Correct spelling: unknown

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What are the rhymes for unknown?

  1. grown, sharon, fone, mone, zone, blown, cohn, rone, don't, rhone, coan, sewn, bowne, boan, loan, stone, groan, bone, sloan, roane, doane, doan, sloane, thrown, jone, joan, shown, cone, phone, mon, hoen, flown, scone, shone, goen, sown, clone, roan, crone, moan, trone, own, known, prone, lone, tone, drone, throne, koen, hone;
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What are the translations for unknown?

Arabic word for Unknown


Chinese words for Unknown

未知, 不明, 未知的, 不得而知, 不为人知, 人知, 不知道的.

Dutch words for Unknown

onbekend, ongekend, onbekende, ongewis.

French words for Unknown

inconnu, méconnue, anonyme.

German words for Unknown

fremd, unbekannt, Unbekannte, ungewiss, Unbekannter, unerkannt.

Greek word for Unknown


Italian word for Unknown


Japanese words for Unknown

未知, 不明, 見知らぬ, 知らない, 不詳, 未詳, アンノウン, みずしらず, みしょう, 見しらぬ, 未見, つまびらかでない, ふめい, アンノーン, みけん, みしらぬ, しらない, 詳らかでない.

Norwegian word for Unknown


Polish word for Unknown


Portuguese word for Unknown


Romanian word for Unknown


Spanish words for Unknown

desconocido, incógnita.

Swedish word for Unknown


Turkish word for Unknown


Vietnamese word for Unknown

không được biết.