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Spell Check of vacuum

Correct spelling: vacuum

Definition of vacuum:

clean with a vacuum cleaner; " vacuum the carpets"

Common misspellings:

  • vaccum (33%)
  • vacum (17%)
  • vacume (14%)
  • vaccuum (12%)
  • vacumn (5%)
  • vacumm (4%)
  • vaccume (4%)
  • vacuume (4%)

Examples of usage:

1) " We are going to make a vacuum," said Miette. - "In Search of a Son", William Shepard Walsh.

2) It is no positive feature or action of the vacuum that we have in mind, for its essence is negative; but just because of that negative character, experience has taught us, that it cannot fulfil certain functions. - "The Old Riddle and the Newest Answer", John Gerard.

3) The Master was very silent this night, and his guest felt that some mystery, some vacuum existed between them, as he gazed on the face in the water. - "The Master of the Inn", Robert Herrick.

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