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How To Spell when?

Correct spelling: when

What are the misspellings for when ?

  • whiech,
  • wisen,
  • nwhen,
  • whenre,
  • whenthe,
  • whynot,
  • weknow,
  • whne,
  • ewhen,
  • whieh,
  • whitein,
  • shen,
  • whatn,
  • whoem,
  • whene,
  • wheren,
  • 1973when,
  • woden,
  • whezing,
  • wumen,
  • weven,
  • whben,
  • yhen,
  • whern,
  • whwn,
  • whone,
  • wwek,
  • waher,
  • whent,
  • whewn,
  • swhen,
  • wien,
  • owern,
  • whenh,
  • wonem,
  • whin,
  • whenter,
  • whren,
  • withein,
  • twhen,
  • wepon,
  • wheth,
  • weener,
  • whenver,
  • withen,
  • dwhen,
  • whomen,
  • phoen,
  • waen,
  • ween,
  • iwhen,
  • hwne,
  • wheom,
  • whe,
  • qhen,
  • wiehg,
  • whenit,
  • vhen,
  • thenn,
  • hwon,
  • wqhen,
  • whenhe,
  • then,
  • wonen,
  • whear,
  • wihin,
  • wereno,
  • wjen,
  • hawwien,
  • wenough,
  • mhen,
  • whnet,
  • theny,
  • whihin,
  • veena,
  • whyne,
  • wwner,
  • rhen,
  • whoman,
  • whichn,
  • wowen,
  • waarn,
  • whernt,
  • whenewer,
  • whoen,
  • theni,
  • whaen,
  • qween,
  • whorn,
  • whiman,
  • whan,
  • wommen,
  • webnar,
  • waepon,
  • wiihin,
  • whink,
  • whlen,
  • whant,
  • whenthey,
  • wahen.

What is the definition of when?

  1. as soon as; "once we are home, we can rest"

What does the abbreviation when mean?

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What are the quotes for when?

  1. Failure is the most terrible thing in our business. When we fail, the whole world knows about it.
  2. I had a job when I was 16 at a gas fitter, which was a bit like a pipe fitter.
  3. Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.
  4. My mother, who was quite sharp when I was young, became utterly mild.
  5. Music begins to atrophy when it departs too far from the dance... poetry begins to atrophy when it gets too far from music.

What are the rhymes for when?

  1. sin, fen, gwinn, qin, lawmen, lwin, gwen, quin, wynn, ginn, benne, wen, in, ken, brenn, gwynne, gwyn, win, patrolmen, dinh, penn, lynne, lpn, jenne, skin, zen, kren, pin, menn, rinn, winne, grin, len, madeleine, yuen, chin, shin, bryn, inn, chen, den, gwin, men, guinn, rihn, guin, yen, winn, sten, lynn, sdn, en, knin, rhin, shen, ben, gin, gyn, hren, gwynn, linh, jin, kinn, din, linn, glen, glynn, pen, senn, benn, spin, denn, oilmen, un, trinh, pinn, tien, kenn, gren, finn, sven, brin, fin, quinn, sen, lyn, nguyen, then, jenn, flinn, vin, fenn, linne, flynn, ten, bin, tin, cayenne, bren, brinn, n, minh, venn, renn, min, twin, tenn, wren, been, behn, lin, wynne, yin, thin, glenn, kin, ren, amen, renne, glyn, jen, hen;
  2. chagrin, emlyn, again, has-been, herein, aswin, begin, allin, wherein, within, alpin, berlin, akin, adin, kaylynn, therein, eldwin;
  3. handymen, cnn, asean, georgienne, menuhin, adrienne, violin;
  4. comedienne, sebastiane;

What are the translations for when?

Afrikaans word for When


Arabic word for When


Bengali word for When


Chinese word for When


Dutch words for When

terwijl, toen, indien.

French words for When

lorsque, quand.

German words for When

da, als, wenn, sobald, wann.

Hindi word for When


Italian word for When

nel momento in cui.

Japanese words for When

いつ, というのに, 際して, と言うのに, たら, 何時, さいして, ったら.

Javanese word for When


Korean word for When


Marathi word for When


Norwegian word for When


Polish words for When

gdy, kiedy.

Portuguese word for When


Romanian words for When

bilă, când.

Swedish word for When


Tamil word for When


Turkish word for When

ne zaman.

Vietnamese word for When

khi nào.