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How To Spell Whom?

Correct spelling: Whom

Definition of Whom:

  1. Objective case of the interrogative and relative who.

List of misspellings for Whom:

  • whout,
  • wamo,
  • weoo,
  • whoe,
  • whoem,
  • whoc,
  • womer,
  • whoah,
  • shom,
  • whon,
  • whch,
  • vform,
  • whol,
  • who9,
  • phome,
  • wasmy,
  • whwn,
  • woum,
  • wurm,
  • whoie,
  • thoumb,
  • whiman,
  • whoof,
  • whym,
  • withim,
  • wom,
  • whamy,
  • thom,
  • wohoo,
  • awewome,
  • womna,
  • whov,
  • wrom,
  • wesome,
  • wacome,
  • whoim,
  • wonmb,
  • whomeve,
  • widom,
  • whoar,
  • whoer,
  • wohl,
  • whichm,
  • whow,
  • warrm,
  • whomen,
  • ttom,
  • whoch,
  • whoke,
  • woohoo,
  • swoom,
  • whioe,
  • hom,
  • whum,
  • wisom,
  • aweome,
  • ghome,
  • wom't,
  • wheom,
  • johm,
  • whrw,
  • whoman,
  • wonem,
  • whoooo,
  • wahroom,
  • whoms,
  • whoo,
  • mmom,
  • voume,
  • whosh,
  • woamn,
  • whome,
  • whem,
  • womehow,
  • hhom,
  • waho,
  • whoam,
  • watham,
  • whimp,
  • whod,
  • welome,
  • wsome,
  • whooo,
  • whci,
  • ffom,
  • whordom,
  • whime,
  • womem,
  • warmu,
  • whoum,
  • wemay,
  • whorn,
  • woumb,
  • weapom,
  • thwem,
  • wasome,
  • rhym,
  • whta,
  • whoud,
  • whos.

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1969 film

Come, quando, perché, internationally released as How, When and with Whom, is a 1969 Italian romance film written and directed by Antonio Pietrangeli.

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Rhymes for Whom:

  1. gloom, doom, fume, broom, womb, plume, loom, zoom, reaume, presume, room, vroom, flume, bloom, perfume, groom, resume, tomb, boom, legroom, croom, hume;
  2. consume, abloom, costume, assume, exhume, khartoum, entomb;
  3. reassume;

Translations for Whom:

Bengali word for Whom


Danish word for Whom


French words for Whom

qui, que.

German words for Whom

wie, die, den, denen, dem, wem, wen, welchen.

Greek word for Whom

τον οποίο.

Hindi word for Whom


Italian word for Whom


Japanese word for Whom


Javanese words for Whom

Care, Tiyang.

Korean word for Whom


Malay word for Whom


Marathi word for Whom


Norwegian word for Whom


Polish word for Whom


Portuguese words for Whom

quem, a quem, a qual, o qual, os quais, as quais.

Spanish words for Whom

a la cual, a quien, quien, a las cuales, a los cuales, a quienes.

Tamil word for Whom


Turkish word for Whom


Vietnamese word for Whom

người nào.