How To Spell while?

Correct spelling: while

What is the definition of while?

  1. To loiter.

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What are the rhymes for while?

  1. mile, seil, pile, kyle, aisle, phyle, dial, tile, bile, file, weill, guile, gile, smile, niall, vile, bille, lile, wile, sheil, hile, lyle, kyl, weil, rile, trial, geil, stile, isle, style, nile, pyle, kile;
  2. compile, marseille, mikhail, restyle, argyll, defile, fertile, hostile, nevile, worthwhile, awhile, revile, soleil, beguile;
  3. versatile;

What are the translations for while?

Afrikaans word for While


Catalan word for While


Dutch words for While

hoewel, terwijl, zolang als, tijdje, poos, daar waar.

French words for While

quoique, tout en, pendant que.

German words for While

indessen, obwohl, wohingegen, Weile, Zeitspanne, indes, wogegen, indem, solange, derweil, dieweil, Zeit, Moment.

Greek word for While


Japanese words for While

ながらに, つつ, 同時に, と同時に, あいだに, 期内, とどうじに, 乍らに, どうじに, きない, ・・・する間.

Javanese word for While


Korean word for While

...하는 동안에.

Malay words for While

Medan, Sementara.

Polish words for While

do, podczas, wprawdzie, podczas, gdy.

Portuguese word for While


Spanish words for While

cuando, mientras, aunque, mientras que, rato.