How to Pronounce adorer?

Correct pronunciation for the word "adorer" is [ɐdˈɔːɹə], [ɐdˈɔːɹə], [ɐ_d_ˈɔː_ɹ_ə].

"Adorer" in context

An adorer is someone who has a great love, admiration, and respect for another. They are often smitten and express their adoration freely to the one they admire. Oftentimes, an adorer will go to extreme lengths to show just how deep their feelings for the object of their affection can go. This can take the form of grand gestures, such as writing love letters or showering their love interest with expensive gifts. Even small gestures of kindness and attention, like buying flowers or planning special dates, can make a great impression.

Adorers also often take time to really prioritize the one they love.


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