How to Pronounce ANG?

Correct pronunciation for the word "ANG" is [ˈaŋ], [ˈaŋ], [ˈa_ŋ].

What are the misspellings for ANG?

  • anng,
  • azng,
  • an g,
  • a ng,
  • anmg,
  • angb,
  • anhg,
  • anfg,
  • angv,
  • anvg,
  • anjg,
  • aqng,
  • angg,
  • anbg,
  • angf

"ANG" in context

ANG (short for Archival Node GitHub) is a cloud-based data repository and collaboration platform for developers. It provides efficient management and simplification of development data, making it ideal for large and small teams alike. With ANG, users can quickly access, store and share their data in a secure and reliable environment. ANG's core stakeholders range from software developers to technical leads, data engineers and operations professionals. ANG supports integration with popular third-party tools such as Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, Docker, and Kubernetes, as well as its own native cloud storage, data analysis and workflow tools.

What are similar-sounding words for ANG?


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