How to Pronounce Anything?

Correct pronunciation for the word "Anything" is [ˈɛnɪθˌɪŋ], [ˈɛnɪθˌɪŋ], [ˈɛ_n_ɪ_θ_ˌɪ_ŋ].

"Anything" in context

Anything is a concept that encompasses much of everyday life. From the choices we make to the things we do, anything is possible. We are living in a time of great potential, with unprecedented access to information, an increased ability to take risks and explore, and the lingering reminder that failure will only bring greater understanding. In facing the obstacles that come with any endeavor, maintaining a sense of perspective can be invaluable.

Though the definition of anything is ambiguous, the power and potential of it should never be underestimated. By understanding its limits and pushing against them, one can open up their world to amazing possibilities.


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