How to Pronounce bioko?

Correct pronunciation for the word "bioko" is [bˌa͡ɪə͡ʊkˈə͡ʊ], [bˌa‍ɪə‍ʊkˈə‍ʊ], [b_ˌaɪ_əʊ_k_ˈəʊ].

What are the misspellings for bioko?

"Bioko" in context

Bioko is an island off the west coast of Central Africa. It is part of the nation of Equatorial Guinea and is the most important island of the country. Bioko is the largest of three major islands in the Gulf of Guinea, the others being Annobon and Corisco. It is known for its heavy rainforest, which creates the habitats that the various primates that inhabit the island need to survive. The island is home to 10 different species of primate and many different forms of birds, famous among birders. Bioko is known to have a rich and diverse environment, boasting some of the most pristine rainforests in all of Africa.

What are similar-sounding words for bioko?

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