How to Pronounce boughs?

Correct pronunciation for the word "boughs" is [bˈa͡ʊz], [bˈa‍ʊz], [b_ˈaʊ_z].

"Boughs" in context

Boughs are branches of trees, usually large, that extend from the trunk. They are usually more visible during the fall season as a result of their changing colors and the numerous leaves that line them. Boughs are essential parts of trees because they are the conduits that transport the fluids from the roots to the leaves and conduct energy from photosynthesis to the various parts of a tree. Additionally, branches help provide stability to trees and provide a haven for birds to build their nests. Boughs also provide a convenient way for arborists to prune trees and remove dead or unwanted growth to help keep trees healthy and growing.

What are similar-sounding words for boughs?


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