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How to Pronounce chaldaean?

Correct pronunciation for the word "chaldaean" is [t͡ʃaldˈi͡ən], [t‍ʃaldˈi‍ən], [tʃ_a_l_d_ˈiə_n].

What are the misspellings for chaldaean?

  • xhaldaean,
  • vhaldaean,
  • fhaldaean,
  • dhaldaean,
  • cgaldaean,
  • cbaldaean,
  • cnaldaean,
  • cjaldaean,
  • cualdaean,
  • cyaldaean,
  • chaldean,
  • chaldaen,
  • khaldaean,
  • challdean,
  • Chaldaian,
  • Chaldeans,
  • Chaldian,
  • Chaldien,
  • Chalidean,
  • Chaldaeon

"Chaldaean" in context

The chaldaeans were an ancient people and civilization located in what is now modern-day Iraq and Syria. They were a group that was greatly influenced by the Mesopotamian culture and made great advances in mathematics, astronomy, and astrology during their time. They believed that the universe was composed of four elements-earth, wind, water, and ether-and had their own elaborate system of writing and music.

Although Chaldaeans developed advanced astronomical and astrological theories, their main focus was on the prediction of events by looking at the movements of the planets and the stars in the night's sky.

What are similar-sounding words for chaldaean?

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