How to Pronounce coerce?

Correct pronunciation for the word "coerce" is [kˌə͡ʊˈɜːs], [kˌə‍ʊˈɜːs], [k_ˌəʊ_ˈɜː_s].

"Coerce" in context

Coerce is a verb that is used to describe the act of forcing someone to do something they do not want to do. It often involves the use of physical, mental, or emotional pressure to gain compliance. Coercion is widely seen as an unethical behavior and is often used to gain an advantage for its abusive perpetrator.

In legal terms, coercion is considered as a crime if it is seen as induced under duress or against someone's will. It is often interpreted as a form of psychological manipulation or emotional abuse. This can include tactics such as intimidation, threats, blackmail, or extortion to force someone to do something against their will.

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