How to Pronounce cyst?

Correct pronunciation for the word "cyst" is [sˈɪst], [sˈɪst], [s_ˈɪ_s_t].

"Cyst" in context

A cyst is a closed sac-like structure filled with fluid, air, or semi-solid material. It can develop in any part of the body and may be caused by a variety of illnesses, disorders, and diseased conditions such as infection, injury, or congenital anomalies. A cyst can either be a single abnormality or a group of multicystic structures.

Most cysts are benign and do not cause any harm. Depending on their location, size, and complication, some may require medical or surgical treatment. Some of the symptoms of a cyst include pain, swelling, and tenderness or pressure in the affected area.

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