How to Pronounce deuces?

Correct pronunciation for the word "deuces" is [djˈuːsɪz], [djˈuːsɪz], [d_j_ˈuː_s_ɪ_z].

"Deuces" in context

Deuces is a term used in card games that refers to a card with a value of two. It is most commonly used in the game of Blackjack and is highly valued as it is the second highest card in the deck, often allowing players to make strong hands. In some games and variants, the value of the deuce can be even greater than the highest card.

The deuce has also found a use outside of card games. It is sometimes used as a gambling term to refer to a situation in which one person has a better hand than the other person, such as in poker and roulette.

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