How to Pronounce ell?

Correct pronunciation for the word "ell" is [ˈɛl], [ˈɛl], [ˈɛ_l].

What are the misspellings for ell?

"Ell" in context

Ell is a term commonly used in both school and everyday life. In mathematics, it is referred to as an angle measure in radians, and is used to measure angles in geometry. It's often used in trigonometry to calculate angles in a triangle, like the angles in an isosceles triangle. In physics, ell is important in understanding velocity, acceleration, and torque.

In everyday context, ell is used to describe things as they relate to difference and/or oddity. For example, when something is unusually large, one might describe it as an "ell of a thing.

What are similar-sounding words for ell?


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