How to Pronounce errs?

Correct pronunciation for the word "errs" is [ˈɜːz], [ˈɜːz], [ˈɜː_z].

What are the misspellings for errs?

"Errs" in context

An err is a mistake or a misdeed, and it can be used in various contexts. In accounting, an err may refer to a miscalculation that affects the accuracy of a financial statement, for instance. In computing, an err could mean a software bug that causes an application to malfunction or crash. In legal circles, an err may point to an action that is against the law or outside the scope of authorized power. In everyday use, an err is most commonly used when referring to an act of wrongdoing or mistake. errs, when they occur, can have serious consequences, such as financial losses or legal trouble.

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