How to Pronounce facetious?

Correct pronunciation for the word "facetious" is [fɐsˈiːʃəs], [fɐsˈiːʃəs], [f_ɐ_s_ˈiː_ʃ_ə_s].

"Facetious" in context

Facetious is an adjective used to describe someone who behaves in a playful way, often making jokes at the expense of someone else. It is often used to describe a person who is intentionally humorous in an effort to lighten the mood or to cheer someone up. Generally, their humor is not malicious in nature, although it can be seen as inappropriate or offensive.

Facetious remarks and behavior can be seen as a form of Flattery-acknowledging someone's presence and intelligence without actually saying it directly. It can also be used to mock or tease someone, but with a lighthearted attitude.

What are similar-sounding words for facetious?


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