How to Pronounce for?

Correct pronunciation for the word "for" is [fˈɔː], [fˈɔː], [f_ˈɔː].

What are the misspellings for for?

  • turs,
  • buls,
  • bours,
  • yuors,
  • aurs,
  • baers,
  • bersa,
  • purs,
  • buks

"For" in context

The word "for" is a powerful tool. It can be used in various ways to express various types of relationships between individuals, objects, or ideas. For instance, one can use "for" to say that something or someone is dedicated to, intended to, or dedicated in support of a higher cause. It is also used for expressing a relationship between two parties, such as gifting, or trading goods. For example, one might say "I bought this for you." This expresses a relationship of generosity, appreciation, and gratitude between the two parties.


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