How to Pronounce FWD?

Correct pronunciation for the word "FWD" is [ˌɛfdˌʌbə͡ljˌuːdˈiː], [ˌɛfdˌʌbə‍ljˌuːdˈiː], [ˌɛ_f_d_ˌʌ_b_əl_j_ˌuː_d_ˈiː].

"FWD" in context

FWD is a business, technology, and insurance powerhouse that was founded in Hong Kong. It is one of the world's leading online insurance and investments providers - delivering products to customers in 11 markets throughout the world. FWD offers a variety of services, including life insurance, travel insurance, health and medical insurance, and accident protection. Additionally, their high-level investments and asset management services provide users with a comprehensive suite of risk management tools.

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