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How to Pronounce hessian fly?

Correct pronunciation for the word "hessian fly" is [hˈɛʃən flˈa͡ɪ], [hˈɛʃən flˈa‍ɪ], [h_ˈɛ_ʃ_ə_n f_l_ˈaɪ].

Definition of hessian fly

  1. A small two-winged fly, whose larvae are destructive to wheat.

Nuttall's Standard dictionary of the English language By Nuttall, P.Austin

What are the misspellings for hessian fly?

  • gessian fly,
  • bessian fly,
  • nessian fly,
  • jessian fly,
  • uessian fly,
  • yessian fly,
  • hwssian fly,
  • hsssian fly,
  • hdssian fly,
  • hrssian fly,
  • h4ssian fly,
  • h3ssian fly,
  • heasian fly,
  • hezsian fly,
  • hexsian fly,
  • hedsian fly,
  • heesian fly,
  • hewsian fly,
  • hesaian fly,
  • heszian fly

What is the adjective for hessian fly?

The adjective form of the word "hessian fly" is "hessian-fly". It is used to describe anything relating to or characteristic of the hessian fly.

Usage over time for hessian fly:

This graph shows how "hessian fly" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What is the plural form of hessian fly?

The plural form of "hessian fly" is "hessian flies".

What is the singular form of hessian fly?

The singular form of the word "hessian fly" is "hessian fly".

Synonyms for Hessian fly:

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