How to Pronounce hothead?

Correct pronunciation for the word "hothead" is [hˈɒthɛd], [hˈɒthɛd], [h_ˈɒ_t_h_ɛ_d].

"Hothead" in context

Hothead is a term used to describe someone who acts impulsively and shows anger quickly. This type of person often overlooks consequences due to the emotion that they allow to drive their decisions. Hotheads can be aggressive, reckless, and act impulsively. They may be prone to outbursts of anger and irrational behavior.

Some hotheads tend to jump to conclusions and make assumptions without all the facts. Others are so consumed by their own emotions, they overlook details or circumstances they don't want to hear.Due to their quick tempered personality, hotheads tend to have difficulty in maintaining healthy relationships.

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