How to Pronounce hydra?

Correct pronunciation for the word "hydra" is [hˈa͡ɪdɹə], [hˈa‍ɪdɹə], [h_ˈaɪ_d_ɹ_ə].

"Hydra" in context

Hydra is a genus of small, freshwater organisms of the Phylum Cnidaria. It is composed of 10 species that are found in slow-moving and stagnant water bodies, such as ponds and ditches, in temperate regions around the world. Hydra have simple, tube-like bodies with no head or tail, and they use a specialized foot, known as a hypostome, to attach themselves to surfaces. This amazing creature can regenerate its missing body parts, such as tentacles and heads, by using cells that are normally used for fins. It also has an incredible way of reproducing.

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