How to Pronounce incredibly?

Correct pronunciation for the word "incredibly" is [ɪnkɹˈɛdɪbli], [ɪnkɹˈɛdɪbli], [ɪ_n_k_ɹ_ˈɛ_d_ɪ_b_l_i].

"Incredibly" in context

Incredibly is an adjective which means "remarkably" or "astonishingly". It is used to describe a situation, feeling or thing that exceeds expectations. When something is incredibly impressive, it often elicits responses of awe, admiration and praise. For example, the Grand Canyon is incredibly spectacular and breathtaking.

In a sentence, incredibly is used to express emphasis or surprise. For example, "My dad was incredibly generous in giving me a new car!". It can also refer to something shocking, sad or incredible in a negative way.

Usage over time for incredibly:

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