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How to Pronounce loir?

Correct pronunciation for the word "loir" is [lwˈɑː], [lwˈɑː], [l_w_ˈɑː].

What are the misspellings for loir?

  • lor,
  • lorri,
  • lour,
  • lwir,
  • loyr,
  • ooir,
  • l0ir,
  • lojr,
  • lokr,
  • lo9r,
  • lo8r,
  • loi5,
  • loi4,
  • kloir,
  • lkoir,
  • ploir,
  • lpoir,
  • loier,
  • lwoir,
  • loyir

"Loir" in context

A loir is a small rodent that is native to Europe. It is closely related to the mouse and the squirrel, and is often mistaken for one of these two animals. Its coat is usually a chestnut color, with a lighter underside. The tail is quite long, and they have a pointed face and ears. The scientific name of the loir is Myoxus glis, and it is part of the rodent family.

The loir is predominantly a nocturnal creature, staying hidden away during the daylight hours. They are primarily found in warmer climates, though some species have managed to survive in every continent including Antarctica.

What are similar-sounding words for loir?

Usage over time for loir:

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