How to Pronounce LVN?

Correct pronunciation for the word "LVN" is [ˌɛlvˌiːˈɛn], [ˌɛlvˌiːˈɛn], [ˌɛ_l_v_ˌiː__ˈɛ_n].

"LVN" in context

Licensed Vocational Nurse, also known as an LVN, are in an essential role in the United States' healthcare system. An LVN is a trained healthcare professional who works alongside doctors and registered nurses. The typical duties of an LVN include taking vital signs, monitoring changes in a patient's condition, assisting with medical treatments and performing other general nursing duties.

In order to become an LVN, individuals must first complete an accredited LVN program from one of the many vocational nursing schools across the United States. After successfully completing the program, prospective nurses must then apply for and pass an extensive licensing exam.


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