How to Pronounce lydia?

Correct pronunciation for the word "lydia" is [lˈɪdiə], [lˈɪdiə], [l_ˈɪ_d_i__ə].

"Lydia" in context

Lydia is an ancient city of the Persian Empire, located in modern day Turkey, on the upper course of the River Lydian. The city is known both for its extensive history and its beauty. It is considered to be one of the earliest settlements in the Mediterranean and was known for its powerful economy, its luxury arts, and its prosperity. Lydia was also a center for political and social life and was home to many political leaders and rulers.

In 550 BC, King Croesus of Lydia is credited with creating the first coinage, which revolutionized commerce and banking.

What are similar-sounding words for lydia?


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