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How to spell ABEIT correctly?

The correct spelling for "abeit" is actually "albeit". This is a conjunctive adverb used to introduce a contrasting or limiting statement. If you are unsure about a spelling, it's always helpful to consult a dictionary or use spell-check to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell abeit correctly

  • abaft The sailor was positioned abaft the wheel, scanning the horizon for any signs of danger.
  • abbot The abbot of the monastery was known for his wisdom and leadership skills.
  • Abe Abe Lincoln is famous for leading the United States during the Civil War.
  • abed I fell asleep abed with my book in my lap.
  • abel
  • abet
  • abets The accomplice abets the thief in stealing the precious jewels.
  • abort
  • about I heard a rumor about the new movie coming out next month.
  • abut
  • Albeit Albeit he was tired, he managed to finish the project in time.
  • albert
  • ambit The company's ambit is to expand into international markets within the next five years.
  • bait He threw the bait into the water hoping to catch a fish.
  • beat I could hear the beat of the drums from across the street.
  • beet
  • Bert Bert is my neighbor's friendly dog.
  • bet
  • bit
  • Ebert Roger Ebert was an esteemed film critic who shaped the way we view and critique movies.
  • habit My habit of drinking coffee every morning makes me feel more awake.
  • obit The newspaper printed the obit of the beloved community member who had passed away.
  • rabbit I saw a cute little rabbit hopping around in my backyard this morning.

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